HKPC Joins CUHK To Address HK I&T Talent Shortage

Image credit: iStockphoto/wildpixel

As companies pivot to a digital-first business model, there is a need for strong innovation and technology (I&T) talent.

In Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) and the Faculty of Engineering of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) are looking to increase the I&T talent pool and address current skills shortages.

Both organizations recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding to nurture a new generation of innovation and technology (I&T) talent and incubate more InnoTalent in Hong Kong.

The collaboration will launch various student internships and research programs to strengthen the local I&T talent pool, encourage research and development (R&D), and enhance Hong Kong’s competitiveness.

HKPC and CUHK believe that giving practice and exchange opportunities to students interested in I&T learning will help converge technological talents and create favorable conditions for promoting I&T and re-industrialization.

“Talent is the key success factor for business when I&T has been sweeping across the entire world, and re-industrialization is currently in active mode. The demand for I&T power and talent by different industries has rapidly risen, especially when the global economy is entering the new normal era,” said Mohamed Butt, executive director of HKPC.

Butt noted that HKPC’s strong heritage in I&T consultancy offers them a decisive advantage in driving this mission.

“With over 50 years of experience in consultancy services for I&T and applied research and future skills training, HKPC takes up the public mission of nurturing talent. Our new collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering of CUHK showcases HKPC’s commitment to the nurturing of R&D and innovation talent,” said Butt.

As part of the agreement, HKPC will roll out internships and research programs according to the academic departments’ requirements. It will allow students to acquire hands-on R&D experience as early as possible. The programs will also address the different needs of undergraduate students, research postgraduates, and PhD students.

“This collaboration brings together our strength in engineering research and education with HKPC’s rich experiences in supporting industries in Hong Kong. Together we will be able to offer diverse internship opportunities for CUHK engineering students so that they can gain valuable work experiences and get inspiration for more innovative solutions for the development of science and technology industries in Hong Kong,” said professor Martin Wong, the dean of the faculty of engineering at CUHK.

Image credit: iStockphoto/wildpixel