Job Survival Guide: 3 Skillsets Hong Kong Employers Want in the AI Era

It's official; jobs are being transformed. Seventy-nine percent of employment in Hong Kong will be transformed by 2021, according to a study from Microsoft and IDC Asia Pacific.

AI will bring benefits to Hong Kong employers. A more recent study suggested that AI will more than double the rate of innovation and employee productivity gains in Hong Kong by 2021.

But this requires the right balance of skill sets. Below are three critical ones based on the survey.

1. Analytical Thinking

We are now living in a data-rich world. AI and big data analytics becoming mainstream will increase the amount of data we have. At the same time, data needs to be analyzed quickly to give businesses a competitive edge.

This is one reason why Hong Kong employers now rate analytical thinking significantly. According to the World Economic Forum, analytical thinking will be the top growing skill in 2022. When we consider how humans and AI will increasingly work together, analytical thinking will be vital to unleashing the full power of this collaboration.

2. Adaptability and Continuous Learning

As the nature of work transforms, employees need to be ready to learn and adapt. A malleable and curious mindset is something that will allow them to assume these new roles. According to the study, this capability is much sought after, regardless of educational background. This means that developing a growth mindset of lifelong learning would be seen as an advantage by Hong Kong employers.

3. Digital Skills

Digital skillsets are now more critical than ever. However, while there's a growing need for digital skills such as AI, big data, and cloud, there is still a widening skills gap in Hong Kong.

Companies understand the considerable impact that AI will have on the careers and ambitions of their employees. The good news, according to the study, is that 87% of businesses are prioritizing upskilling and reskilling of workers for the future.

However, 73% of them have yet to implement plans to help their employees acquire the right skills. More needs to be done to help today’s employees embrace AI and work together with it.