SG Employees Shifting To Online Learning

Image credit: iStockphoto/Ridofranz

It was not too long ago when employees looked to their employers for acquiring jobs-based skills. These were mostly certification courses or classroom training.

But as the Singapore Government ratchets up the rhetoric on upskilling employability, a lot more employees are going online for reskilling and increasing their chances to gain employment in a new field.

In the latest NTUC LearningHub findings, 66% of Singapore adults said that they now use learning online to reskill and boost their chances of securing a job in a new field. Students (90%), the unemployed (86%), and entry-level executives (69%) are the most likely individuals to learn for this reason.

The survey, which was conducted online in September 2020 with 450 Singaporean Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents who were users of the LHUB GO online learning platform, aimed to uncover insights into how Singaporeans learn in the COVID-19 era.

When asked about other motivations behind online learning, 75% of respondents said they do so to 'gain a basic understanding/ quick refresher on topics they are curious about', while 72% felt it is 'to help them progress in their current field'.

In general, close to a quarter (23%) of Singaporeans learn at least once a month, closely followed by 22% who learn once in three months; 16% say they never learn online. Out of the 84% total who do learn online, 'entry-level executives' in Singapore are the most likely to learn online whereas 'assistant directors and above' are the least likely to learn online.

The report also revealed that the top topics Singaporeans are learning online include 'office productivity tools' (voted by 50%), 'leadership' (voted by 49%), 'service excellence' (voted by 41%), 'data analytics & business intelligence' (voted by 35%) and 'digital marketing & e-commerce' (voted by 32%).

"The pandemic has prompted us to evaluate and innovate new modes of learning to ensure that learning never stops, despite the restrictions on traditional face-to-face training. The report serves as a 'pathfinder' to help readers understand the evolving adult learning trends," said NTUC LHUB chief executive officer Kwek Kok Kwong.

"We hope that the findings will inspire learners to adapt to new learning styles and gain the relevant skills to keep pace with our labor market demands, as well as encourage companies to identify optimal training and development programs that can equip workers with skillsets to drive business performance through changing times," he added.  

Download the NTUC LearningHub How Singaporeans Learn report here.

Image credit: iStockphoto/Ridofranz