Lumious Uses Experience to Simplify WFH Training

Photo credit: iStockphoto/SasinParaksa

Meet Lumious.  The company built its business by providing e-learning solutions leveraging over 25 years of curating and teaching Cisco technology courses to engineers and students worldwide.

Now, the company is looking to broaden its horizons by helping companies to tailor e-learning courses for all employees using its experience and internal expertise.

Lumious was early on the e-learning bandwagon when it saw the training industry experiencing a shift in teaching modalities from classroom to virtual. It then converted traditional classroom instruction to virtual deliveries that emulate the classroom experience.  

The company feels this experience will be vital as workforces adopt work-from-home or remote working measures.

"Now more than ever, organizations need to figure out their work from home strategies, which includes training and motivating their distributed workforces. Lumious is in a great position to help our clients leverage their resources to maximize their outcomes," says Lumious’ chairman of the board, Tien Wong.

The Lumious Learning Development group provides L&D organizations with comprehensive e-learning course development, delivery and analytics.  Lumious consultants will analyze your business needs and create the best solution to meet those needs.

These solutions include authoring custom content, converting existing in-house content, and developing just-in-time learning tools like job aids and micro-learning videos.

According to the latest announcement, Lumious can offer these services across departmental functions to educate the current and future needs of a remote workforce. 

The applications target HR, IT, Sales & Marketing, Product Management and Operations. They include onboarding, product training and education, sales enablement, customer success initiatives, virtual meeting best practices.

"With their new distributed workforce, our customers are seeing even more of a direct ROI on their digital products and virtual trainings. The digital space has so many options of tools and processes. This isn't the time to rush a decision; it's critical to find the right partner who can help you define the digital strategy you'll be leveraging for years," adds Sabrina Moore, director of learning development at Lumious.

Photo credit: iStockphoto/SasinParaksa