McDonald’s Philippines Puts AI on Recruitment Menu

McDonald's is using artificial intelligence (AI) to drive recruitment in the Philippines.

The company announced that it would use the Talkpush conversational recruitment platform. The front end will feature chatbots that will interact with potential candidates. The backend will have dynamic sourcing and screening features to automate recruiting workflows. 

“We were looking for a technology partner that would help us automate the more administrative and repetitive parts of the recruitment process. This way, we’re able to enhance the candidate experience thanks to a much better quality of human to human interaction,” said Chona Torre, senior vice president for Human Capital Group at McDonald’s Philippines.

The company's over 635 stores will use Talkpush to make recruitment more engaging and fun. The goal is to find suitable candidates faster for its restaurant management and crews.

“Our candidates are also our customers and ensuring a seamless experience while exploring a possible career at McDonald’s is something we want to provide. We are happy to partner with Talkpush to make applying for a job at McDonald’s more candidate-friendly and enjoyable. We look forward to fostering more recruitment innovations moving forward, setting the bar higher for the quick service restaurant industry,” Torre added.

The new deal will help McDonald’s meet its ambitious recruitment plan in 2019. The company said it is to hire “tens of thousands of employees nationwide.” Besides better targeting, Talkpush will help the company understand candidate requirements better.

“With the use of conversational agents on Messenger, Talkpush will enable McDonald’s recruitment teams to meet the candidates where they are: on their mobile phones and on the go. We are honored to work with them to support their employer brand with candidate-centric experiences,” said Max Armbruster, chief executive officer at Talkpush.