Size Seems to Matter for Digital Workplaces

Digital might be a priority for companies of all sizes, but it is the medium-sized ones who seem to best use it to reinvent their workplaces.

According to The Hidden Middle study, medium-sized companies, especially in the U.S., are becoming quite adept at deploying workplace technology to drive employee engagement.

The Aruba study, which used responses from over 2,700 employees in management and non-management roles from medium-sized companies around the world, showed that medium-sized companies are ahead in terms of workplace technology adoption than their smaller and larger peers.

Nearly two-thirds (63%) of employees rated the “choice of technology, applications and IT support” at their companies as either good or very good. Large enterprises were behind at 53%.

Medium-sized companies also fared well at using advanced audio-visual technologies, such as voice-activated and wireless communication tools. An average of 27% of medium-sized businesses offered these tools, compared to 16% of smaller and 22% of larger employers.

The focus on workplace technology is shaping employee morale. Employees at the medium-sized companies are significantly more likely (66%) to rate their “environment at work” as either good or very good in comparison to those at the largest companies (57%), the study noted.  

Device flexibility is another area where medium-sized companies are doing well. Seventy-two percent of employees said that they were allowed to use their own devices, compared to only 53% of those who worked for larger employers.

However, the study also highlighted pent up demand for better technology management and that rapid adoption of workplace technology could be a double-edged sword.

Seventy-seven percent of medium-sized company employees either agreed or strongly agreed “if not managed correctly, the introduction of new technology could damage employee morale”, while 78% said that “my organization’s management and control of the connected devices that are in use could be improved.”

“Though often forgotten in the digital transformation conversation – with the focus instead on how large companies are struggling to adapt or smaller businesses are seizing the ability to scale – it is medium-sized businesses whose employees show the willingness and agility to make better use of technology and [have an] understanding of the opportunities it brings. The key is enabling them to do so. But with that comes a certain degree of security risk,” said Patrick LaPorte, senior director, Product Marketing at Aruba.