Returning Indonesians Targeted for Localizing Succession Planning

If you are a returning Indonesian, your job prospects are very good.

According to the Michael Page Indonesia Salary Benchmark 2019, which uses data from the recruitment company's database, the country is experiencing a surge in interest for hiring returning Indonesians. Companies doing so are looking close the gap in “the country's candidate-short situation,” said a Michael Page press release.  

The talent shortage is becoming acute as companies start to roll out key initiatives to develop and retain Indonesian talent.

"Both local conglomerates and multinationals in Indonesia are in competition to secure returning Indonesians as part of their hiring strategies in 2019. These professionals have the unique combination of updated industry skills, bilingual skills and a global mindset which employers believe will progress their business in Indonesia to the next level," said Olly Riches, president director at Michael Page Indonesia.

Michael Page saw three out of five professionals recruited by the company in the past year were overseas Indonesians or those already back in Indonesia with previous international experience. Ninety percent of professionals hired into middle or board level management positions were Indonesian passport holders.

"The pressure to localize succession planning has created more demand on Indonesia's shallow talent pool. In our communications through outreach program Membangun Negeri, overseas Indonesians often express interest in returning home, citing family reasons and the exciting progress in Indonesia right now as their key motivations," said Riches. 

According to the Benchmark, many of the returnees were skilled in engineering, manufacturing, marketing, finance, accounting and technology. They often hail from Singapore (18 percent), Australia (14 percent) and the U.S. (9 percent).

Currently, Indonesia is facing a growing demand for talents e-commerce, mobile applications, digital transformation and artificial intelligence.

“These new sectors are expanding rapidly in Indonesia, which increases the demand on fresh human capital. Hiring managers are committed to securing talent with the skills and aptitude to fulfill their requirements. Retaining returnee talent is equally crucial as many receive multiple offers. They often seek companies who stay ahead of industry standards to ensure a constant learning curve for themselves," said Riches.