Three Ways 2019 Will Transform Workplaces

IT service management will never be the same again after 2019. Industry experts at Symphony Summit, an IT Operations Management company noted that the growth and transformation of this sector are linked to how companies are rebuilding their workplaces for their employees.

They also identified dominant trends that will change service management forever, noting that CIOs and senior IT leaders are looking for ways to shape their digital workplaces to be more competitive and be leaders in the markets they operate. In turn, enterprises are seeking cost-effective IT management solutions that enable greater customer experiences, increase the speed of execution, boost productivity and accelerate new products and services.

The three top trends for 2019 are:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation will be game changers: According to the press release, these innovations can automate mundane tasks, free up IT service employees to focus instead on bigger and more important issues, and provide employees 24/7 IT services. But they need to apply them correctly.
  • Complexity and scale will continue: Complexity will continue to rule in IT systems. Hybrid cloud adoption and new middleware architecture components will make the internal IT infrastructure more complex. Internal IT service management teams will need to see this as the new normal, said the industry experts.
  • Say goodbye to silo solutions: Companies are starting to move away from the traditional siloed approach. Instead, they are looking for a single solution that can be used across multiple functions and divisions, including IT management, human resources, legal, procurement, and finance, among others. Industry experts at the event noted that this trend will only continue to accelerate in 2019.

"The rise of emerging technologies like AI and Machine Reasoning is bringing the era of cumbersome and convoluted IT management to an end. As 2018 comes to a close, we at Symphony Summit look forward to seeing more companies re-imagine their service management processes to improve efficiency, increase productivity and reduce overall costs," said Satyen Vyas, chief executive officer, Symphony Summit in the press release.