DENSO Transforms HR with Domo

DENSO, a huge global automotive supplier, chose Domo to optimize its HR functions.

The initiative will involve over 200 group companies and more than 160,000 employees worldwide, and aims to make DENSO more competitive and profitable through better talent management, said a press release.

“It was necessary for our HR division to be more strategic and strengthen our ability to compete in the globalized automotive industry. With Domo, we are now able to find the right employees with the right expertise and the accurate information of all employees in each division, which enables us to hire, place and educate them to more fully support the overall management strategy,” said Yuichiro Matsumoto, Deputy Manager of Recruitment Planning and Employment at DENSO.

“Domo’s innovative platform has opened new doors for us and helped put us in a position to expand and accelerate the business,” Matsumoto added.

The initiative underscores the disruption and innovation that is currently driving the automotive industry. Technologies such as autonomous and electric cars are already shaping the industry while highlighting gaps in HR and talent management processes.

According to the press release, Domo will help the Japan-headquartered DENSO to connect all HR systems of each of the group companies to create a single HR strategy map with visualized data outlining the history and specialized skills of each employee.

With this map, DENSO will optimize and manage its human resources including hiring, placing and training 60,000 domestic employees. The also plans to establish effective and efficient HR processes across the enterprise and a digitalized management dashboard.